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Independent advice

As an independent party, our clients’ interests come first. We prefer being involved right from the outset That way, you can avoid or rectify uncontrolled growth and respond to future developments in time. Unlike other parties, we neither operate on behalf of software manufacturers like Microsoft, SAP or Oracle , nor are driven by selling additional license

License experts

Licensing rules and licence management are and continue to be a problem for ICT departments. This is partly down to software manufacturers frequently amending their complex licensing rules and conditions. For organisations, proper licence management and keeping up to date has become almost impossible. Q-Advise is the Microsoft licensing expert that knows all the ins and outs of software and licensing.

Second opinion

Do you doubt the reseller's advice? or the vendor's proposal? We read and apply the licensing rules from the client's perspective, never allowing ourselves to be led by vendors, resellers or auditors. Within one day, we are able to analyse the vendor's or a reseller's advice/proposal, and then indicate whether this offer is appropriate. And whether the licensing rules have been applied in your interest.

Contract negotiation

Thanks to our many years of experience and wide range of client cases, we know what is possible in terms of finance and content when concluding a software contract. And, our rationalization process combined with benchmarking is superior to mere benchmarking reviews alone, cutting some clients spend by 60%.

Internal SAM audits

Reduce compliance risks. Know what is in use, installed and activated, and then pay. Q Advise examines your licensing position, and helps you apply the rules in your interest. Q Advise licensing experts know all the ins and outs when it comes to software licensing and licence management.

License optimisation

Reduce financial risks and save on your software expenses and Cloud services with straightforward adjustments. Q Advise comes up with specific recommendations on how to apply licensing rules to your advantage, to avoid purchasing unnecessary licences and Cloud products

"Benefit from 100% independent licensing & Cloud advice, resulting in substantial savings!"

Whether it involves a new Microsoft contract, Audit, True-up, Cloud optimization, Negotiations or purchasing or selling second-hand software, Q Advise comes up with solutions that really help you progress and save money." Our dedication and working method mean considerable added value for you as a client

Would you also like expert and independent advice on your Microsoft licences & Cloud services? Or on your Oracle, IBM, SAP contracts and license?

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