About us

At Q-Advise, we combine knowledge of the software and licensing market with the ambition to truly assist customers in resolving licensing issues with Microsoft, VMWare, IBM, Oracle, and other software companies.

We are on a mission. We want to save companies billions by assisting them with our knowledge, tools and processes to basically carry out cost reduction actions.

Q-Advise provides services such as contract negotiations, license management, software optimization, IT roadmaps, and compliance. Our methods help us gain better insight into what software is being used and who is using it, which allows us to calculate future expenses more accurately. Q-Advise saves you money and eliminates unnecessary costs by approaching licensing issues from the client’s perspective instead of the software manufacturer’s.

The Q-Advise engagement model is a mature process that has been applied to over 130 major companies, with companies ranging from 250 seats to over 70,000 seats. This process of license optimization combined with insider discount benchmarking has resulted in over a quarter Billion in savings.

Q-Advise has deliberately chosen not to become a partner to a software manufacturer, reseller, or auditor. This gives us the freedom to advise you 100% independently. Our independent position often makes the impossible possible during a licensing project.  We do not receive any fees, rebates, or kickbacks for the services provided to clients. As a result, we are a completely independent consulting party and operate in the interest of the customer.

With Microsoft licensing & Cloud services becoming increasingly complex for clients,

Q-Advise offer clarity to help you make smarter choices when signing licensing contracts and Cloud services. There are now over 100,000 SKUs, and an ever-increasing number of ways to purchase from multiple sources, with exponentially increasing rules for enterprises to remain compliant that regularly shift and change.

Adding to the confusion, Microsoft’s own licensing teams and partners offer conflicting interpretations at times because they are not trained to help you understand licensing, they are trained to sell contracts and Cloud services.

50 years of experience

The Q-Advise team has more than 50 years of experience in the software and licensing world. In that time, we have acquired uniquely independent expertise. Our licensing experts have years of experience with software licenses. They have learned the tricks of the trade from the software manufacturers themselves, clients, or one of the Licensing Solution Providers (LSP).

Whether it’s a contract renewal, audit, software use evaluation, or improving your commercial position opposite Microsoft, we come up with solutions that help our customers move forward and save on expenses.

Based upon an extensive Discovery process that includes detailed interviews of your key constituencies, our advisors and analysts will build licensing models spanning up to 6- 9 years to show the implications of near-term decisions over the long run. Then our sales and licensing staff provide the negotiation support to vet and validate the counter proposals and assertions of the Microsoft account teams.

We specialize in rationalizing, optimizing and negotiation of:

  • – Enterprise Agreement and Renewal Rationalization and Negotiation
  • – Microsoft licensing & Cloud services contracts
  • – Azure health check and optimalization
  • – Office 365 and Microsoft 365 health check and optimalization
  • – Other Microsoft Volume Licensing Purchase Program Consideration
  • – True-Up Reviews
  • – Price Sheet, Concession and Discount Validation
  • – Consideration of Purchase Programs
  • – Apart from Microsoft contracts we help our clients with IBM, Oracle, SAP, VMware and Adobe licensing challenges

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