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Licensing contracts are highly complex; sometimes even more so than Dutch laws and regulations. Q Advise seeks out so-called loopholes within ‘licensing law’, and admissibility within the licensing rules. Our team has decades of experience with clients, resellers and vendors, meaning we know the rules better than anyone else. This is simply because we have experienced the game from different angles. When you contact Q Advise, we ensure you receive expert assistance.

Q Advise is the independent expert you are looking for. We offer our clients independent software licensing advice, and help them with external reviews and audits as well as with purchasing and selling used Microsoft licences.

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Q Advise and licensing management

Nowadays, licensing management is too important not to be properly regulated. After all, poor licensing management always costs money. This is why Q-Advise consultants always look at the bigger picture: with new software contracts, as well as renewing contracts and expanding your licensing position We constantly seek out possibilities within existing licensing rules with these loopholes being deliberately ignored by ‘traditional’ parties. They are eventually rewarded for the turnover they achieve due to their financial agreements with the vendors.

Q-Advise is the only party without a target. This is essential for providing clients independent advice. We are always able to interpret the licensing rules according to our customers’ needs and wishes.

Savings costs on your contracts is a significant starting point. Our team also looks at the long term; examining whether the cheapest form of contract ties in with the flexibility you want. What does the vendor roadmap look like? Enough to be able to meet next year’s needs? As a team, we work with you to find the perfect balance between price per product and the short-term (up to 3 years) and long-term (6 to 9 years) needs.

Why choose Q Advise?

With Q Advise, you receive independent, expert and clear advice tailored to your needs. We are flexible, adaptable and always looking for the best solution for you. That means you can stay focused on your core business.

Our philosophy is: “Without an overview, there are no control and no savings.” That is why Q Advise provides additional solutions that will help you progress. Including in the field of Software Asset Management (SAM).

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