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Difference between Office Standard and Office Professional 

The difference between Microsoft Office Standard and Office Professional is the Office applications you can use. With Microsoft Office Standard you can use Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, OneNote and Publisher. If you choose Professional, you will receive two additional applications, namely Access and Skype for Business. Curious about the difference between Standard and Professional? 

The complete overview of Microsoft Office Standard vs Office Professional can be found below. 

What is Microsoft Office and what is it used for? 

Microsoft Office is used by private and business users and has many well-known applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This application does not provide automatic updates. If you want to use a new version, you must purchase the product again. You can purchase these different versions new or second-hand. 

  • Word: Lets you quickly and easily create, edit, and share files with others in a complete word processing program. 
  • Excel: This spreadsheet application allows you to quickly get started on your budget, to-do list, or financial analysis. You can use Excel’s modern templates to easily analyze your data. 
  • PowerPoint: Quickly and easily create, edit, view and share presentations from anywhere. This graphics presentation program allows you to leave a lasting impression by creating powerful presentations. 
  • OneNote: Your digital notebook where the flexible canvas can be used to organize your thoughts by subject work. For example, tags can be used, but items can also be labeled or important things can be highlighted. This way you can organize everything in one place, wherever you are. 
  • Outlook: Access all your email accounts, calendars and files from one inbox. Easily switch between all your email messages, making managing your busy days even easier. 
  • Publisher: A handy app for creating attractive and professional publications without spending a lot of time. This way you can easily create things like greeting cards, yearbooks or professional email newsletters. 
  • Skype for Business: Communicate easily and effectively with your employees in one application via chat, video conferencing or by telephone. A practical communication solution for your entire organization. 
  • Access: Easily create your own database apps in a format that suits your business. It is a tool that allows you to easily create business applications in a short time. 

Do you need Microsoft Office licenses? 

By purchasing licenses for Microsoft Office within your organization, you can easily use all solutions for your business email, preparing quotes and invoices, giving presentations to your customers or for keeping your administration. The prices for purchasing these licenses can be high. You can also consider purchasing second-hand Microsoft licenses. It is important that organizations get a grip on their current software license and examine what optimization options are available. This allows significant savings on the IT budget. 

Buy Office licenses for business use 

Microsoft Office Professional 2019 one-time purchase is the best option if you want to use all the options of Microsoft Office, but do not want to be tied to a subscription. You benefit from the one-time purchase of classic Office applications. Do you want to use the software package on one computer? Then Office 2019 is the best solution for you. Business use is therefore permitted with this license. 

How do I buy Microsoft Office 2019 cheaply? 

There are several options when concluding a Microsoft contract. For example, you can purchase new Microsoft Office Standard and Office Professional from Microsoft resellers, but you can also opt for second-hand Office licenses. Microsoft resellers often charge premium prices for these licenses, determining which licenses you need for your organization. 

Nowadays, much more is possible when setting up your IT infrastructure. By purchasing second-hand licenses, you can save up to 70% on your software costs. The independent licensing experts at Q Advise are happy to help you make the best choice for your licensing options. 

What does it cost? 

The average price for a new Microsoft Office Professional 2019 is approximately €555.00 per license. The price of Office 2019 depends on the contract form in which you purchase the licenses. You can buy the licenses in Enterprise Agreement, MPSA, Open Value or Open License. The price of used Office 2019 Professional is approximately 50% cheaper than new Office licenses. Would you like to know exactly what a second-hand Office Standard or Office Professional license costs, given your quantities and in your situation? 

Buy Office licenses: new or used? 

Are you looking for Microsoft Office licenses for business use? At Q Advise you can benefit from 100% independent software advice. This allows you to benefit from Microsoft products, tailored to your own environment and organizational ambitions. 

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