How many versions are there for Microsoft Visio?

Microsoft Visio is a software application, created by Microsoft, that can be used to create diagrams. The advantage of Microsoft Visio is that you can create different types of diagrams and schematic documents quite easily. For example, you can create flowcharts, floor plans and database models and present them. This is partly made possible by the large amount of symbols and characters in Microsoft Visio, making the possibilities virtually endless. Of course, the possibilities of Visio are also available in different versions. There are different editions and versions of Visio. Are you curious about the different versions of Microsoft Office? We will answer your question below.  

Microsoft Visio 2019 Standard vs. Microsoft Visio 2019 Professional 

The most recent version of Microsoft Visio was released in 2019 and includes the Standard version and the Professional version. When we compare both versions, we see that there are similarities and differences in the capabilities and functions of both versions. Below you will find a table showing the Microsoft Visio versions. 

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