How Software Asset Management tools add value to your organization

Software Asset Management (SAM) is crucial in any organization, especially those heavy on Information Technology. To effectively manage their software assets, which includes identifying and tracking installed software, it is important to have SAM tools and processes in place.   

Also, managing purchased licenses and optimizing software usage saves costs that would have been needlessly incurred. Instituting SAM tools plays a pivotal role in ensuring compliance with software license agreements and mitigating the legal and financial risks of non-compliance.  

Developing and adopting an effective SAM program can yield significant cost savings for your organization by reducing upfront software acquisition costs, avoiding hefty penalties and fees associated with non-compliance, and identifying software that is underutilized or not in need. You are also able to maintain control over software inventory, ensuring that you have the right amount of software needed; no more, and no less.  In this article, let’s look at how SAM tools can benefit your organization placing value on how it optimizes cost.  

Software Asset Management often undervalued 

Whatever reasons may be adduced for undervaluing SAM and its associated tools importance in your organization is what must be avoided strongly if saving on cost is under consideration. SAM plays a significant benefit with the potential of understanding software usage from purchasing, tracking and savings.    

Software Asset Management (SAM) implementation in the initial stages requires investment in terms of time, resources, and a well-functioning software tool. This required investment may not be the priority of management who may want to consider other projects that have immediate and visible returns, leading to the undervaluation of SAM.  

However, this is a decision far costlier than can be envisaged. Get a SAM tool and processes from our team knowing that our years of success rates and experience will support your cost savings initiative.   

You probably in the past might have tried adopting SAM tools only to have experienced difficulty pulling, interpreting and managing software assets due to complexity. No matter how large your organization is with its diverse software needs, don’t allow the perceived difficulty of implementing and maintaining SAM processes to discourage you from prioritizing it.  

There is the need for dedicated resources in the form of ongoing attention and input to arrive at efficiency and effectiveness. Your organization does not need to implement SAM tools alone or worry about a lack in personnel or expertise, our team will come in and guide, establish and maintain a robust SAM program for you.  

Your organization will be shooting itself in the foot if it is assuming that the risk associated with unmanaged software is low. You don’t want to wait till you are faced with significant issues especially expenditure related to get the wake-up call on the urgency in implementing SAM process and tools.  Act now!    

SAM tools ensure pro-activeness  

Reactive posture and denial are two main reactions your organization should not want to exhibit while going about your daily routine. There should always be a plan in place to address issues and respond especially to licensing related usage. Using Software Asset Management tools gives you visibility in real time to make decisions when it matters. However, waiting for issues like under licensing to crop up, before action is taken is costly on all fronts.   

You will need to mobilize money to either purchase extra licenses to make up or prepare to pay fines as issued by the vendor. Proactiveness pre-informs you of what licenses are actually needed, what users use the most and other information monitoring and tracking provides.  

The problem with a reactive posture is the potential for increased cost. A reactive posture means responding to license audits once a problem has been discovered. If this is a strategy, it will lead to an increased risk of failing an audit which could lead to expensive penalties.  A proactive posture for your organization will mean planning to maximize return on investment and minimize cost.  

The need for improved monitoring tools for effective software management helps take measures to prevent failure and allow software management. SAM tools are used to eliminate compliance risk, detect unauthorized installations and track usage of software applications.  

Firm grip on security 

Software Asset Management tools in the period you use them contribute to efforts made to promote your organization’s security. Whiles allowing you to track and manage all the software applications and licenses used in the organization’s infrastructure, you are also able to identify unauthorized software on company devices. SAM tools can help detect and mitigate security risks before they become critical issues.  

SAM tools assist in ensuring that the software you use is up-to-date and patched. Outdated software can be vulnerable to security breaches and this you do not want in your organization. Your organization is able to manage software updates and ensure that infrastructure is protected from known vulnerabilities. 

Also ensure all software within your organization is properly licensed. Unlicensed software can pose security risks as it may not receive necessary updates and patches, leaving vulnerabilities unaddressed.   

A good SAM tool identifies and manages risks related to third-party software by analyzing license agreements and usage data. This prevents potential security incidents and data breaches caused by third-party software vulnerabilities. 

Get control over cost in your organization 

If you do not have your software assets under control, you are lacking one key foundation for cost-efficiently organizing your IT estate. If you do not know what software is installed in your organization and how it is used, there is hence no basis for determining if you are complying with contractual terms, let alone having control over cost efficiency. Therefore, ensure that you have good monitoring tools and effective software management.   

A good SAM tool like we have at Q-Advise, automates the process of tracking software usage across your organization’s IT infrastructure. This helps you to identify and eliminate software waste, such as underutilized licenses, duplicate installations, and unused licenses. Additionally, you get detailed insights into software usage patterns, allowing you to make informed decisions about software investments and renewals.  

To have costs under control, your adopted SAM tool as an organization should help ensure license compliance. This will be done by monitoring software usage against licensing agreements. SAM tools help organizations identify instances of non-compliance, such as unlicensed software installations or overuse of licenses. This enables your organization to take corrective measures, avoiding the risk of costly legal penalties.  

Having a centralized view of your software assets simplifies software procurement and renewals. By analyzing software usage data, you are able to identify opportunities to consolidate licenses or negotiate better terms with vendors. This results in optimized software expenditure and significant cost savings.  

Mastering Software Asset Management (SAM): Q-Advise’s Winning Approach!   

SAM (Software Asset Management) is a part of IT Asset Management (ITAM). A very important part considering how license for software has become the costliest component within IT now, unlike decades ago. Therefore, there is every need to have a good grip on your software assets as this is an essential way to manage your expenses in addition to managing risks.   

Contracts and their accompanying terms are crucial to your operations and eventual expansion and success. Do you know exactly which terms you have accepted? Do you know which terms you have agreed to? Are the contractual terms still valid, or have they changed since you accepted new terms with a purchase order? Software structures and terms change regularly, so keep it in mind to remain up-to-date with the terms.   

When it is time for a contract renewal, Q-Advise considers measurement as part of the process. It is important to know what the current IT infrastructure looks like, but we consider it more important to know how it should have been. We apply license methods optimally in your favor to keep your IT costs under control. Costs can be further reduced prior to engaging your vendor when our team of experts come in and use our SAM tools to gather the right data to support your negotiation process.  

Note that due to years of experience, we are well aware of the limits of software vendors and we will get the best deal for you.  

At Q-Advise, we are not in favor of hit-and-run. While we are certainly capable of putting out your IT fires, we prefer to regularly sit down with you to provide optimal service to customers. For example, we can conduct IT infrastructure assessments quarterly or annually. This allows us to keep a finger on the pulse of your IT infrastructure and address any issues proactively. Contact the team now!

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