What are the benefits of second-hand Microsoft Office licenses?

You probably recognize it: You want to renew your Microsoft Office licenses or you are forced to switch to another version of Microsoft Office. These are often the moments when you discover that purchasing software licenses can be expensive. But that is not necessary if you opt for second-hand Office licenses! 

A Microsoft reseller will probably advise you to switch to Office 365 and to go from on-premise perpetual licensing to a cloud-based subscription. 

You may think that the transition from CAPEX to OPEX expenses sounds attractive; What is not told in many cases is that in the long term you spend much more than necessary. Of course, your organization’s roadmap is important before a sound choice can be made. 

Independent licensing advice!  

With an independent party that specializes in software licenses, you   can save a lot on software costs. This can possibly be done by means of second-hand software licenses from Microsoft.  

Q- Advise is the authority in the field of independent licensing advice. Because we are not tied to software manufacturers (and therefore do not receive rewards/ fees for sales from them to customers), we do not look at what is best for Microsoft, but what is best for your organization.  

At Q- Advise we have a lot of experience in purchasing and selling second-hand software licenses at greatly reduced prices. An example of this is SQL 2019 or Office 2016 / 2019 licenses, which can often be supplied at much less cost than a Cloud annual subscription to Office 365 Plus.  

Benefits for second-hand Office licenses (on premise). 

  1. A great price for the same Microsoft software

Second-hand software licenses can often be purchased on the second - hand market for more than 50% cheaper compared to new licenses.  This way you can easily save money for the same software.   

  1. Buy the software that best suits your organization

It is important to purchase software that best suits the wishes and roadmap of your organization. Additionally, it’s important that you don’t buy what Microsoft tells you to buy. By using second-hand software and an independent party, you can purchase the software version/ edition that suits you best.  

  1. Work with an independently licensed expert.

If you choose an independent party such as Q-Advise to purchase your software licenses with you, you are assured of good and non-biased advice that is   most useful to you. With the experts at Q- Advise you will have the opportunity to ask questions about the software you want to purchase; you, in turn, will receive answers from experts who really know what they are talking about.  

Are you also curious whether you can save money on your software licenses? 

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