What can I do with Microsoft SharePoint?

SharePoint is Microsoft ’s   collaboration platform   and is used for joint document management and as a collaboration tool for users. In addition, the SharePoint Server can be used as an intranet system. This means that it is a closed information platform within an organization. SharePoint fulfills this role through the possibility of electronically sharing information within the organization.   

Microsoft has two SharePoint applications; SharePoint Online as subscription and SharePoint as on-premise. In this blog we tell you what you can do with the functionalities of the Microsoft SharePoint Server (on-premise). 

What can I use SharePoint Server for? 

Microsoft SharePoint has many features that are used for different purposes. In this blog we discuss the most important functions and explain what you can do with the functionalities of the Microsoft SharePoint Server (on-premise). 

  1. All information in one place 

And we really mean all the information in one place! Documents, but also news items, updates on important decisions or events.   

The advantage with documentation is that all documents can be stored internally in a central location that is accessible to all users. This allows all users to find the documents quickly and easily. 

Another example of all information in one place is the ability to notify everyone in the organization of important announcements via SharePoint. This can be done via the homepage of the SharePoint group. After all, every user comes here when they are looking for documents or information. This makes extensive internal mailing lists a thing of the past.  

  1. Each document has its own version history 

On a ‘normal’ server, documents are stored once on the server. With SharePoint it is possible to retrieve previously saved versions of the same document. On a normal server, no active version history of a document is kept. This makes it easy for users to work on an organic piece that can be reverted to a previous version after disappointing changes. Users can now also closely monitor the evolution of the document, so that it can be regularly checked whether the essence of the piece does not deviate from the actual intention. 

  1. Even more collaboration! 

Because it is a central point where users come together, SharePoint is an ideal tool to further promote collaboration. This has particular advantages for companies that operate in separate and widely separated locations. This not only promotes internal cooperation on location, but also cooperation between different locations. 

Who is Microsoft SharePoint Server for? 

Microsoft SharePoint Server is in principle intended for everyone. From business customers to government institutions and hospitals. Microsoft SharePoint Server is very interesting for the latter because business-sensitive or privacy-sensitive information can simply be placed on the SharePoint Server, because it is a network and not cloud storage. In addition, a hybrid function can also be used, which means that business and privacy-sensitive information can remain on the server and other documents can be stored in the Cloud.   

Second-hand licenses for SharePoint Server  

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