What is a Microsoft SPLA license?

Microsoft’s SPLA stands for Service Provider  Licensing  Agreement (SPLA) . The SPLA agreement ensures that you as an end user   can purchase Microsoft services and hosted applications on a monthly basis through a so-called Service Provider.   

How does a Microsoft SPLA license work? 

SPLA is a pay -as- you -go service. As mentioned earlier, with an SPLA license there is a Service Provider between Microsoft and the end user. These Service Providers license products from Microsoft   on a monthly basis and then offer them as services or hosted applications to their end users. In other words, SPLA grants the user rights to external Service Providers so that you as an end user do not have to purchase the licenses yourself.      

These Service Providers report the services used by their end users to Microsoft through a reseller (authorized by Microsoft). The Service Providers are obliged to report the purchases of their end users no later than the 10th of each month.    

Can SPLA licenses also be used for on-premise? 

SPLA licenses can be used on- premise, but there are certain conditions attached to this. The most important condition for the on- premise use of SPLA licenses is that the Service Provider manages and supports the end user’s servers so that it falls under the day-to-day management of the Service Provider. As Microsoft itself puts it:  

“[Provider] may locate servers… on an End User’s premises …  solely to provide Software Services to the End User, provided that the Servers remain under the day to day management and control of the [Provider]”.             

This means that SPLA licenses can not only be used for the Cloud, but also for on- premise use.  

What are the benefits of SPLA? 

There are several advantages to using SPLA licenses. Below we have explained the most important ones for you: 

  • Monthly costs:  Due to SPLA’s pay -as- you -go structure, you only pay for what services you have used in the past month.   
  • Stable prices:  There is only a price change for the SPLA licenses once a year, this will be implemented in January.  
  • The latest software versions:  You always have access to the latest versions of Microsoft software.  

The biggest advantage of SPLA is that the end user does not have to purchase the licenses themselves and that SPLA provides the flexibility to easily acquire or dispose of new software.  

Q-Advise gives you advice! 

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