Microsoft Azure cost savings check 

The cloud is a powerful tool for businesses but can also be a source of unexpected expenses. With ever-changing cloud services and billing models, it’s easy to find yourself overpaying for your Azure services or Microsoft 365 subscription.  

That is why our customers asked if we could provide insight into their Azure cost spending. After being frustrated with Microsoft’s reports and complicated Cloud invoices.  

To help provide them with the information they need to make the right and strategic cloud investment decisions, we developed our Azure Health Savings Check service.  

Our Microsoft Cloud expert and our AI Cloud tool will share insights on optimizing your cloud costs and improving your ROI.   

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Azure cost reduction is a tough task to pull off for several reasons.  

There are three ways cloud costs get out of hand:  

  • Firstly, is due to errors in organizations measuring & reporting on their cloud spend. Cloud services are consumed by the minute, and therefore must be measured down to the hour. However, organizations often only look at monthly reports of their aggregated cloud spend which leads to  incorrect interpenetration.
  • Secondly, Azure’s Admin Portal is limited in diving deep into an organization’s Azure estate to pinpoint cost centres and applying benefits.
  • And last but not least, it’s an open secret that IT professionals are overburdened in their daily duties to take the time to comb through the data, and the take action required to negotiate a better deal.

Interested in Seeing What a Azure Savings Check Will Find in Your Environment?  

  • Save 20-30% per month   
  • Remove manual time-consuming reporting processes  
  • Forecast spend, and highlight savings areas  
  • Apply Azure Hybrid Benefits whenever possible  
  • Help organizations use Microsoft investment to the fullest  

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