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In the public sector, up to 70% can be saved with second-hand licenses. Whether you are a government agency, care organization or a district water board, at Q-Advise we are here to support you in saving on your software licenses.

As budgets are under pressure and umbrella contracts from associations such as NVZ, GGZ, ActiZ and VGN are disappearing, the need to purchase software licenses at higher discounts has become ever greater.

Organizations in the public sector can save up to 70% with used licences, making it possible to use part of your ICT expenditure differently.

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Public sector: Selling software licenses

In addition to purchasing software licenses, Q-Advise offers government bodies and healthcare institutions the possibility of selling used/unused software licenses. It is frequently the case that organizations – often unconsciously – possess surplus licenses. With our network and sales process, we guarantee the highest bid in the market for selling these redundant software licenses.

Expertise and experience

Although the costs of purchasing used licenses are very low, especially compared to purchasing licenses from a Licence Solution Provider (LSP) or another Microsoft reseller, we constantly guarantee the right support to provide your organization with peace of mind throughout the entire process.

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We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the software and licensing world. We know the procedures required for purchasing and selling used software licenses better than anyone else. and we have developed unique expertise in the purchase and sale of these over the last few decades.

Our experience provides you with the assurance that you will not only save taxpayers’ money that can be invested elsewhere, but will also benefit from an ambitious team, guiding your organization with dedication during the purchase/sales process.

Umbrella agreements with Microsoft

Public sectorFor many years, various healthcare institutions have been using umbrella agreements with Microsoft Members of ‘Mental Health Care’ (GGZ), MO group/’Social Work Netherlands’, ActiZ, ‘Disability Care Association Netherlands’ (VGN), GGZ Nederland and the ‘Dutch Hospitals Association’ (NVZ) have benefited for years now from special discounts for purchasing Microsoft software licenses in what is known as the Select D programme.

Microsoft has ended the special discount arrangement for various government and healthcare organizations. This means that institutions now have to purchase the same Microsoft software licenses as previously, at higher prices. Q-Advise provides local authorities, ministries, care institutions, district water boards and all other semi-governmental institutions with legal, second-hand licences with audit guarantees. Buying used licenses will result in highly advantageous savings. The discounts are up to 70% of the prices you receive from Microsoft’s traditional resellers (LSP).


Q-Advise has access to all used (Microsoft) licenses on the market. When it comes to other software manufacturers we know plenty of ways in, and apply the required flexibility. In short, Q-Advise makes the world of surplus software licenses accessible and transparent for healthcare organizations, local authorities, ministries, district water boards and other governmental/semi-governmental institutions.

Please get in touch if you have any further questions about purchasing or selling second-hand licences in the public sector.

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