Q-SAM Service

It is important to realise that setting up a System Advisor Model (SAM) is no mean feat; meaning proactivity is desirable, and waiting is not an option. For software suppliers, the audit has become a primary source of income, making an audit increasingly likely.

Of course, Q-Advise is far better equipped than anyone to help you tackle such issues. With our IT Asset Management (ITAM) framework, we make sure you receive the audit letter with a smile on your face. We ensure you are in control of your licenses, and also save on both your software (including Cloud) and its management costs. We hope you will agree that this is a good deal.

Q-Advise has developed a roadmap that takes you from your current SAM maturity level to a higher SAM plan. We also assist you with the administration and reporting including:

  • Formulating policy
  • Developing processes
  • Setting up SAM project management
  • Setting up contractual and financial administration
  • Arranging Hardware and Software inventory
  • Ensuring SAM within the organisation
  • Selecting the required tooling if necessary

Q-Advise’s SAM expertise is valued by multiple multi-nationals and government agencies. Will you soon be reaping the benefits of a successful SAM program, just like these organisations? Will you be able to face every audit with a smile on your face? Are you ready to enter into discussions with software suppliers from a strong negotiating position? With Q-Advise, this is guaranteed, thanks to the additional savings from a successful SAM project at no additional cost.

The Q-Advise team is at your service.