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Are you planning to sell your surplus licences or acting as a trustee and wish to sell software licences from the bankrupt estate? Q Advise specialises in selling second-hand licences and ensures swift and reliable sales.

Many companies and organisations are unaware whether they still own surplus licences. This situation can easily be resolved by answering the questions below yourself:

  • Have you recently switched to working ‘in the Cloud’?
  • Have you purchased a newer version of Microsoft Office or another licence?
  • Have you undergone a reorganisation?
  • Is the organisation bankrupt?

If the answer to one of these questions of ‘yes’, it is highly likely you have surplus software licences. These are worth money, and research reveals companies have on average 20 to 30 per cent too many licences.

and research reveals companies have on average 20 to 30 per cent too many licences. They will be happy to work with you, to see what the options are. Q Advise delivers tailor-made solutions, so your personal wishes are always the starting point for us.

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Are you a trustee?

Many trustees often do not view software licences as ‘assets’ that can be sold as proceeds for a bankrupt company, and its creditors. As a trustee, you are probably unaware of the options, let alone the legal aspects. Selling second-hand licences is a specialism, and generates money in the event of bankruptcy.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can provide you with the right advice on the value of the licences at the companies or institutions under your administration In this case, Q Advise also delivers tailor-made solutions. Please contact one of our consultants concerning the possibilities.

Sell ​​licenses

As described above, there are many reasons why you as a company have a surplus of software licences. However, this is less relevant for us. What we want is to help you to capitalise on these licences. Do you want to sell the licences quickly, or are you interested in the maximum selling price? Q Advise provides the right advice that ties in with your needs. Q Advise is the independent partner that is able to get the most out of the market in your interest. We guide and facilitate the entire sales process, and due diligence is always observed to avoid any unpleasant situations.

You can enter your surplus software licences right away for a free quote, using the button below. Our consultants will then contact you to discuss the next steps.


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