What we do

Q Advise has developed a number of services to provide clients optimum support with issues in the field of Software Asset Management and all its facets, such as licensing management. We help our clients achieve a perfect balance between their IT’s performance and related costs. Together with our customers, we determine what their IT landscape looks like and the plans for the future. Based on this, we examine the very best contracting and licensing structure. We select the most suitable reseller for the relevant landscape, and help our clients get the most out of their negotiations with the software manufacturers.

In the case of an audit or friendly review, we assist our client in reducing or refuting compliance claims. We can supervise the investigation on your behalf, and prevent misinterpreted data from being used to determine the claim amount.

Moreover, we can often cover any claims that may be required with the aid of second-hand licences at highly reduced rates.

While you can purchase these services directly from us, we also offer services that take the weight off your shoulders in the field of Software Asset Management. Our efficient approach ensures we almost always do this cost-negatively. . This means the savings we make are substantially higher than the costs of our endeavours.

Further details on these individual services can be found through the links below.


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