Audits and Review

Any larger company will have to deal with external audits or friendly reviews. Whereas the audit used to be about 10% of a software manufacturer’s turnover, for some this is now 50% and higher. If the quarterly or annual figures are poor, the audit is quickly intensified with your company as the victim. Extensive market analyses and using Business Intelligence make it possible to analyse with high accuracy how likely it is you have a compliance issue somewhere. The result is a process costing you time, staff and money. This is in addition to any damage to your reputation.

Do you want to minimise these financial and legal risks? Q Advise explores the risks, and supports you during the external audit or review to reduce these as much as possible. Our experts know the pitfalls and will resolve these for you.

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Audit defence

We help you to mitigate compliance risks. We examine your entire infrastructure and, among other things, ensure you:

  • Do not pay for virtual machines already covered on the physical server;
  • Do not pay or pay less for systems that serve as a fallback;
  • Do not pay for acceptance systems covered by developers’ licences;
  • Do not pay for software already covered by other contracts or purchases;
  • Do not pay for software also belonging to a bundle you have purchased;
  • Etc.

Q Advise maps out your licensing position, and helps you apply the rules in your interest. That way, you pay no more than you need to. Our service provides a clear understanding of your current licensing position and highlights potential risks and threats. Q Advise assists you before, during and/or following an audit. Get in touch today.

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