Cloud Optimization

Too often, license and cost management of Cloud services, like Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Microsoft 365 is overlooked within organizations. The result: high costs and unnecessary licenses and subscriptions that often end up remaining on the shelf. You can prevent this with our Cloud Health Check to optimize your Cloud services license cost management.

Many companies usually have to deal with high and unnecessary costs for their Cloud license subscriptions. It is a huge but relatively unknown problem that is often caused by Microsoft bundling its products. This then results in a high increase in the cost of subscriptions even more. Organizations waste a lot of money because they do not tend to have the right expertise in the field of Cloud licensing in general, contracts and control. 

Optimizing Office 365 & Microsoft 365 

Every company has software and Cloud subscriptions for using Microsoft 365 or Office 365. So do you, but is your company getting the maximum return from these services and subscriptions or are you paying too much for your Microsoft services and subscriptions, like most companies? Q-Advise helps you to optimize your Cloud services and license cost management.

Optimizing your 365 subscriptions is advisable, because it saves you a LOT of money. Always! For years, Q-Advise has ensured that customers get maximum return on investment thanks to the creation of a license spending pattern that corresponds to the actual use of the Microsoft subscriptions within their organization. Without unnecessary costs. 

How does Q-Advise work? 

Q-Advise has automated data-driven tooling and licensing expertise. This enables us to avoid high expenditure or an overcapacity of your software licenses and Cloud subscriptions. Outlined below, our optimization looks like this: 

  • Connect: Quickly and easily install and configure the QA tool; 
  • Analysis: Q-Advise collects your consumption and licensing insights and verifies the current license position and your future license position; 
  • Reporting: Q-Advise presents you with the recommendations for cost saving and the various cleaning and optimization options.  

By providing insight into the user profiles and the actual use, Q-Advise can easily share reports with you in which we explain how the Cloud licenses are used, how often and in what way they are used and – above all – which licenses are rarely used so that an investment in these licenses is not necessary at all. In this way we guarantee that you can significantly reduce the costs for the software licenses of Microsoft 365 or Office 365. 

Maximum return 

By optimizing your license position of the Cloud subscriptions, the IT department for the entire organization gets the maximum return from the software and thus from the productivity of your company. In this way, the licenses will be used effectively for the software that you as a company actually needs and uses. 

Moreover, you no longer have to incur costs for licenses that are not used at all in practice. Q-Advise has many years of proven expertise in the field of optimization of Microsoft 365 and Office 365 and demonstrably succeeds in reducing software costs for organizations, regardless of their size and/or sector. 

Cloud License Service 

If you’re looking to optimize your Cloud licensing and gain the ‘Best in Class’ commercial and contractual terms, then our Cloud License Service can help you. 

At a very high level, the service is made up of two key phases typically delivered over a 3-to-12-month period depending on the complexity or scale of the engagement. 

Phase 1: Initially starts by understanding the value of your existing assets ‘post contract’ and dependencies that those assets/licenses may have under the vendor’s maintenance programs. Thereafter, we spend a significant amount of time understanding what your organization’s future demand looks like. 

We bridge the technology requirement gap between what you have now and what your future demand will be for the next 3-5 years. 

This is achieved by engaging with the key IT stakeholders to help them articulate the overall requirement and harmonize it across all their affiliates or groups to achieve an optimized  Bill of Materials (BoM) and build the Optimal License Solution. 

Phase 1 components include: 

● Server, Desktop & Cloud Optimization 

● Technical Workshops 

● Future Demand and Technology Gap identification 

● Optimized Bill of Materials 

Phase 2: This phase is about creating and executing a Strategic Procurement & Negotiation Plan aimed at delivering “Best in Class” Commercial and Contractual Terms. 

Q-Advise provides support alongside or on behalf of our clients during negotiations with the vendor. 

Phase 2 components include: 

● Global Pricing Review 

● Commercial and Contractual Benchmarking 

● Billing and Taxation Solutions 

● Procurement Strategy & Negotiation Support 

Managed Cloud Cost Optimization Services  

Our Cloud Cost Optimization services help organizations improve the cost-effectiveness of their Cloud portfolio. Q-Advise aligns your Cloud application and user-needs to the optimal Cloud profile. 

When consuming Cloud technologies, services are only amended when additional resources are required. This approach not only risks high overspending but is a missed opportunity to maximize IT budgets. The actual reasons for cloud overspending vary across each client and their workload scenario but can be much more prevalent than most organizations are aware of. Q-Advise provides optimization services for:

  • IaaS/PaaS – Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud
  • SaaS – Office 365, Microsoft 365 

Our experienced consultants have negotiated some of the best software contracts globally for mid-sized and large enterprise organizations across a wide range of industry verticals. 
Our Mission on your Cloud assets: To help improve your Cloud portfolio cost-effectiveness by aligning actual Cloud application and user needs to the most efficient Cloud profile. 

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