Microsoft Contract negotiation

Contract negotiation requires a sophisticated strategy with attention to detail. While the software manufacturer claims to be your partner, their driving force is still turnover. That means throwing your cards on the table too early could prove to be costly.

In the preliminary phase of the software contract negotiation, we establish what you have through measurements and contract reviews. In addition, we jointly ascertain what your future plans are and how you wish to progress. Our sophisticated scenarios will put you in an excellent negotiating position.

With years of negotiating experience, Q-Advise experts are able to get the most out of your business; in terms of price, but also in terms of contract flexibility.

Negotiation & Benchmarking Support

If you don’t have the luxury of time and need to make significant financial decisions our Negotiation & Benchmarking Support services will help you validate the Vendor offer/s.

  • Do you have an impending license or Cloud contract renewal?
  • Are you undertaking a significant license upgrade?
  • Are you looking to validate a vendor or a reseller offer?

The Negotiation and Benchmarking Support services can be taken as an individual tactical service or as a packaged end-to-end strategic service; License Consulting Services.

The individual services include:

  • Vendor Proposal and BAFO Review
  • Negotiation Strategies and Support
  • Contractual Benchmarking
  • Commercial Benchmarking

With Q-Advise, you are in good hands. We are independent, and act only in your interest.

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