Licensing optimization

The world of software licensing is complex and subject to constant change. Software manufacturers strive to maximise their sales, and although they usually call their account managers ‘advisors’, they can be driven by revenue and your interests are secondary.

Q-Advise helps its clients optimize their licensing position. While compliance is an aspect of this, it can be achieved in different ways. This can be through subscription or ownership, per-user or per-device, single products or a full suite, Standard or Datacenter licences, Software Assurance or not, on-premises or cloud, new licences or second-hand. This is aside from the various possible contract forms that are offered.

If you are struggling to see the wood for the trees, no problem! Q-Advise knows this forest like the back of its hand.

In addition to gauging your environment, together with you we also examine what the desired IT landscape should look like, and what the plans for the future are. Based on this, we draw up various scenarios for you to choose from. We ensure you receive independent licensing advice so that you can make a well-informed decision. Our experienced buyers and licensing experts will do all they can to assist you so you can avoid spending too much on too little functionality.

Microsoft licensing and Cloud services only continue to become more complex, with the addition of numerous subscription-based cloud services, a growing array of Cloud programs such as Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and New Commerce Experience (NCE) and New Volume Licensing Programs such as the Server and Cloud Enrolment (SCE), and Microsoft Products and Services Agreements (MPSA). There is an ever-changing landscape of Microsoft Licensing Solutions Partners (LSPs), Microsoft Partners, and Value-Added Resellers (VARs) that all receive various commissions and incentives from Microsoft.

Getting impartial advice and education on these latest updates requires a team of advisors who are directly experienced in Microsoft licensing and negotiations and who reference the Microsoft Product Terms on a daily basis when consulting with clients.

Work with our experienced team and start saving!

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