Contract negotiation

Negotiations with Microsoft for your software licensing needs can be a daunting challenge for a sourcing and vendor management team. Not only is it likely to represent a major financial commitment, Microsoft’s unique terminology, complex pricing structure, and rapidly changing product & Cloud portfolio can also confuse unprepared negotiators. The Microsoft teams and the partners are trained to sell contracts and bundles, they are not trained to let you understand what you buy. We are.

Contract negotiation requires a sophisticated strategy. While the software manufacturer claims to be your partner, their driving force is still turnover. That means throwing your cards on the table too early can prove to be costly. In the preliminary phase, we determine with you what you have through measurements and contract reviews. In addition, we jointly ascertain what your future plans are and how you wish to develop towards them. Our sophisticated scenarios will put you in an excellent negotiating position.

With years of negotiating experience, Q-Advise’s licensing experts are able to help you get the most out of your business; not only in terms of price but also contract flexibility.

Our creative and compliant licensing solutions save clients, on average, 27% off of their existing spend-levels using your Microsoft deployment roadmap and deployment plans, freeing already tight budgets so that you can focus on deployment, optimization, best-practices, and streamlined processes that improve efficiency and reduce costs – not buying more licensing and Cloud services. This also allows you to spend more on technology projects that support core business initiatives that enable differentiation in your market space and enhance customer service levels. Buy what your roadmap requires, not what Microsoft salespeople push you into prematurely.

With Q-Advise, you are in good hands. We are independent and will act only in your interest. Get in touch now.

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